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May 17, 2024

Recovering from BricsCAD Issues

BricsCAD is a powerful application with many configuration options and customisation possibilities. Because of this it is possible in some situations for the installation to have an issue that will impact on BricsCAD's performance or prevent it from running at all.

To resolve there are 4 main steps that you can take:

  1. Disable 3rd party apps.
  2. Re-install BricsCAD.
  3. Re-set your BricsCAD support files
  4. Run BricsCAD with a new profile


1. Disable 3rd party apps

3rd party applications or your own customisation is the most common cause for issues with BricsCAD. If you're having issues running BricsCAD, a first check would be to disable or remove any customisation from the system. If BricsCAD runs correctly after removal, then it points to a problem with the 3rd party application.

Run BricsCAD in Safemode

Starting with V20, the program can be launched in safe mode, using the SAFEMODE command line switch. This temporarily suppresses all third party plugin code, enablers, and user lisp files from loading in the current session. Starting in a clean environment can help to eliminate the potential causes of a crash.  

To enable safe mode:

  1. Make a copy of the BricsCAD shortcut.
  2. Right click on the copied shortcut and select 'Properties'.
  3. Add /SAFEMODE at the end of the 'Target' field.
  4. Click 'Ok'.
  5. Launch BricsCAD using this shortcut.

Disable 3rd party apps manually

For BricsCAD V19 & earlier, you can try setting DEMANDLOAD = 0 and then re-starting BricsCAD. This prevents automatic running of 3rd party applications. Note this isn't a fool proof method as 3rd party applications can employ several means to load. It also won't prevent LISP from being loaded.

2. Re-install BricsCAD

To re-install BricsCAD:

  • First uninstall the current installation.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of BricsCAD downloaded. Bricsys provides MD5 hash codes that allows you to confirm that the downloaded installer is complete.
  • Install BricsCAD.

When installing and running BricsCAD, check that it isn't having issues with your Antivirus application. Some can block BricsCAD from installing properly, or will remove key files BricsCAD requires to run. If your Antivirus is doing this, then you will need to whitelist the BricsCAD application.

3. Re-set your BricsCAD support files

BricsCAD places support files under your roaming windows profile. From time to time these files can get corrupted, which can lead to issues running BricsCAD. To re-set these files to the default:

  • Make sure that BricsCAD is not running.
  • In Windows Explorer copy & paste the following into the address bar
  • In this folder you should see a sub-folder of the same name as your BricsCAD version. E.g. “V20x64”. Rename this folder to a different name e.g. “V20x64-old”. Note renaming is preferable to deleting, as it allows you to restore it back again, or retrieve any files you find missing later on.

The next time you run BricsCAD, it will see that this folder is missing and will recreate the contents using the defaults. If the issue disappears after doing this, it points to a problem with one of the support files in the old folder.

4. Run BricsCAD with a new profile

BricsCAD has hundreds of settings. At times these setting can get changed or corrupted leading to unexpected results. Rather than trying to determine the problem setting it can often be easier to create a new profile, and run BricsCAD with that. When you create a new profile, BricsCAD will automatically run with the program default settings. If the issue disappears when you run with a new profile, then that points to a setting issue in your original profile.

To run BricsCAD with a new profile:

  • Shutdown BricsCAD if it is running.
  • Launch the User Profile Manager from the Windows Start Menu.

This launches the User Profile Manager. You may see several profiles listed. The one that has a tick beside it is your current profile.

Pick the create button to create a new profile

Enter a profile name and pick the ok button to create a new profile.

Select the new profile you have created, then double click to launch BricsCAD using this profile.

This will now be the default profile used by BricsCAD. Run the user profile manager again to change.

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