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BricsCAD maintenance agreement - Definition

BricsCAD maintenance agreement - Definition

Users frequently question us on the value of a BricsCAD maintenance agreement and what it includes. In simple terms a BricsCAD maintenance agreement provides you with:

  • Automatic access to all product updates and major BricsCAD releases.
  • Fast priority support (typically next business day response) on issues raised via the Bricsys support system.
  • Support on the last three major versions. Bricsys will still support you if you're not ready to install the latest release and will search for workarounds on issues raised.

BricsCAD maintenance is included with Rental subscriptions. For Permanent licenses, it is an additional option renewed annually. A BricsCAD maintenance agreement is the cheapest option for clients that need to keep their BricsCAD licenses up to date.

Why keep up to date?

There are many reasons why clients want to keep their BricsCAD license up to date:

  • Access to new features & tools that enhance your productivity and capabilities.
  • Ensure access to the latest .dwg file format. This can change from time to time, at which point Bricsys work to quickly update BricsCAD to support.
  • Need to maintain compatibility with Clients and Consultants.
  • Bug fixes. All software has issues; BricsCAD is not immune to having problems. When an issue is reported (via their support request system), Bricsys will resolve and fix. These fixes are made available in a future BricsCAD update. Maintenance ensures that you can access these updates.
  • Simplified internal support and management. It is generally easier for companies running multiple CAD seats, if all users are running the same BricsCAD version. This makes it easier for users to support each other; it also makes it easier for IT support to manage.
  • It is the most cost-effective option to keep up to date. It is cheaper than upgrading periodically.

If you want to keep abreast of changes with BricsCAD releases, then it is recommended that you regularly read the release notes. The BricsCAD release notes contain a great deal of detail on fixes and enhancements, making it a useful point of reference.

What is BricsCAD Support?

Bricsys define the level of support they provide for BricsCAD as follows:

BricsCAD Support

Support means answers to questions related to the operation of the Product, based on unlimited support incidences. Support includes access to the online forum for customers. Support excludes configuration of hardware, software, and networking services; consulting services; general solution provider related services; and general computer system maintenance. You will be responsible for performing operations on your computer system, and Bricsys or its Partners shall have no responsibility to perform operations on your computer system.

Please note that Bricsys defines an “Error” to mean a defect in a product which is reproducible, and which causes the product not to function substantially in conformance with the specifications, end-user documentation or other related documentation, including any commonly accepted operating principles as defined by generally accepted industry standards and practices.

Bricsys support is accessible via their web base support system to registered account holders. Clients with a current maintenance contract will receive a prompt response to any support request raised with them. If you are having a problem with BricsCAD, we highly recommend raising a support request. They will respond to your query and endeavour to provide you with assistance.

CAD Concepts Service & Support

At CAD Concepts, we can provide additional levels of support to what you receive from Bricsys. We offer the following service options:

  1. Priority Support on CAD related issues.
  2. BricsCAD Training.
  3. BricsCAD issue investigation.
  4. Installation Support.
  5. Setup Support.
  6. CAD library development & maintenance.
  7. Custom tool development.

All our support options can be provided remotely via tools such as TeamViewer, Teams, and Zoom. By arrangement, we can also attend in person.

Contact us to talk about your support requirements, we will be more than happy to come up with a plan that will meet your needs.

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