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Training on all aspects of BricsCAD usage

Training can be provided through one of our standard training course options or it can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Training Options Include:

  • Onsite. We can bring the training to you.
  • Q & A sessions (this is a useful way to answer some of your questions related to BricsCAD and can help highlight specific workshops that could be organised).
  • Customised Training specific to your needs.
  • Organised training with some of our third party application providers.
  • Web based using screen sharing tools.

Web Training

CAD Concepts can provide webinar-based training and support. Typically, these run between 1 – 2 hours max and are focused on a select aspect of BricsCAD. We can share screens and record the session, which we can then make available to you afterwards as a resource.

If you have a particular requirement or project, then we can even work with your files. To find out more, please make an enquiry.

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BricsCAD for Beginners

Due to lockdown the September training has been postponed.

We are now offering online training on these dates, as an alternative.

The online training will run as one-on-one customised training (2 hour sessions). This training is aimed at people who are already using BricsCAD, have questions and could benefit from support.

We are holding 22 and 23 September 2021 as individual two hour session so get in touch to book your session.

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What you can expect to learn

The course covers the following topics over 2 days
(9.00am - 5.00pm)
  • The BricsCAD user interface. Explore the drawing area, menus, and command line.
  • Construction of simple drawings by creating and manipulating basic objects.
  • Use of drawing tools to accurately construct and place objects.
  • Drawing structure and organisation.
  • Annotation and dimensioning.
  • Inquiry commands, how to measure and find more information on drawing objects.
  • How to re-use drawing content.
  • Drawing layout, page setup and printing.
  • How and where to find help.

What you will receive

Course attendees will receive:
  • A copy of the training material, which includes sample templates, custom menu, and a simple symbol libraries to get you started.
  • A 30 day BricsCAD trial license allowing you to continue to work with the software on your own laptop for the duration of the course.

CAD Training Services

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You can expect first rate support and training
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