November 11, 2021

BricsCAD Pro - Civil Tools

BricsCAD Pro and how to use Civil Tools

If you're an existing BricsCAD V21 Professional user (or higher level), you may be surprised to hear that this version of BricsCAD introduced a number of Civil tools. Furthermore, the recent release of BricsCAD V22 has expanded this feature set even further.

Whether you're aware of the availability of these tools is dependent on which WORKSPACE you're using. For example, the Civil menu options only display in the Modeling, Mechanical, and BIM workspaces. If you use Drafting, then you're missing out!

So what are you missing out on? Well, quite a lot, actually. There are commands for creating and working with TIN surfaces, Water dop analysis, alignment creation, LandXML Import and Export, Import of Civil3D model data to name but a few. In addition, BricsCAD V22 has added the capability to create a TIN surface from a pointcloud, Create Civil Points, clean up drawing objects using Maptrim, and a host of other enhancements.

To access the Civil commands, you could obviously switch Workspaces (see our recent post on this topic). However, you may then find commands that you use from the Drafting workspace are now missing.

We want to make it as easy as possible to access these Civil Tools. So as a solution, we've created partial CUI that will provide you with access to the Civil tools across all your workspaces. We've created one for BricsCAD V21 and one for BricsCAD V22.

To use: 

  • Download the partial cui related to your BricsCAD version using the links below. 
  • In BricsCAD run the MENULOAD command, select the downloaded cui file, then pick the Load button. 
  • DO NOT use the MENU command to do this! If you do, then you will lose ALL your other menus.

These partial CUI provide access to using the Civil tools from the Menu bar, Ribbon, Toolbar, and Quad. No matter how you like to use BricsCAD these tools will be available for you.

Have questions or want to upgrade and get access to Civil Tools?

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