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May 7, 2024

BricsCAD workspaces

BricsCAD workspaces and how to utilise them in your working environment

In this blog you will learn why BricsCAD workspaces are a valuable tool, how to customise your workspaces to suit your working environment and tips to change or create a workspace

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are used to capture the graphical interface environment of BricsCAD, such as Menus, Ribbons, Toolbars, Panels, and the Quad. Workspaces tend to be orientated toward a specific activity, such as 2D drafting, 3D modelling, BIM, and Mechanical. In each case it makes the tools related to this activity readily available.

You can think of workspaces as being like work stations in a factory, with each work station setup with the specific tools related to that stations activity.

What are the other advantages of workspaces?

Workspaces can also be used to allow you to adapt BricsCAD to suit your working environment. For example a laptop user may have access to multiple monitors when working in the office, allowing them to place Toolbars and panels on secondary screens, leaving their main screen free to focus on the model. However, away from the office they would have to rely on just their laptop screen, which would need to be arranged differently to suit the reduced screen space. By making use of workspaces they could arrange BricsCAD to suit each of these scenarios.

By default BricsCAD comes with a number of  pre-defined workspaces that you can quickly switch between to suit the tasks you're looking to perform. Switching between these default workspaces is a great way to get a better idea of the tools available to you in BricsCAD.

Changing your current Workspace

You can change your workspace by:

  1. Right clicking on the current workspace name on the status bar.
  2. Then from the menu select the workspace that you want to switch to.

Alternatively you can also change your workspace by:

  1. Right clicking over any existing Toolbar or Ribbon.
  2. Then from the Workspaces on options menu, select the workspace you want to switch to.

Creating a new Workspace

To create a new workspace, you can use the WSSAVE command. This will allow you to copy your current workspace to a new name, and make it current.

Having created your new workspace, you can then customise it to suit your preferences. As you make changes to the graphical interface, BricsCAD will save these changes to your current workspace.



Customising Workspaces


WORKSPACE - Lets you set, create, modify and save workspaces.

WSSAVE - Allows you to save the current workspace to a new name.

WSSETTINGS - Opens the Customize dialog box at the Workspaces tab.




This is only a snippet of what workspaces can do to help with your productivity and working smarter not harder. If you're already using BricsCAD, we offer customised training, so to learn more click here and we'll be in touch.

Or to find out more and have a play with what BricsCAD has to offer you can access a 30 day free trial here.

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