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Dimension Style Scripts


With over 80 system variables related to dimensioning, setting up a Dimension style can be a tedious and often confusing affair. a simple robust solution to setting your dimension style quickly and consistently is to utilise a script (.SCR). Script files are simple text files containing a list of commands and options as you would type them in at the command line.

We've got two set of dimensioning scripts available to use. One intended for Metric drawings, the other to suit Imperial (inches) drawings. Within each set there is a script to setup an annotative or non-annotative dimension style.

The scripts also create Dimension style families. These are a sub-style to the main dimension style that can be used to control specific dimension types, such as Angular, Diameter, and Radius dimensions. The scripts are wrapped in undo marks, which allow you to undo the whole script in one hit, rather than line by line. Finally they are setup to allow you to run them repeatedly over and over without any additional prompting.


To run, simply drag and drop the script from windows explorer onto an open BricsCAD drawing. Alternatively you can use the SCRIPT command to select the script file to load.

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