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Customizing BricsCAD V20

Sadly no longer updated, this remains the only definitive book available on Customising BricsCAD. It is still an invaluable resource to anyone looking to customise their BricsCAD environment.

This e-book covers the following topics:

Changing the User Interface
   Adjusting BricsCAD’s Settings
   Customizing the BricsCAD Environment
   Adapting the User Interface
   Tips for BricsCAD Users
Customizing the User Interface
   Introduction to the Customize Dialog Box
   Customizing the Menus
   Customizing Toolbars and Button Icons
   Writing Macros and Diesel Code
   Adapting Mouse, Double-click, & Tablet Buttons
   Creating Keystroke Shortcuts, Aliases, and Shell Commands
   Modifying Ribbon Tabs and Panels
   Customizing the Quad Cursor and Workspaces
    Customizing Rollover Properties
   Designing Tool Palettes
Customizing BricsCAD Drawings
   Designing Simple and Complex Linetypes
   Patterning Hatches
   Decoding Shapes and Fonts
Programming BricsCAD
   Writing Scripts
   Coding Field Text
   Programming with LISP
   Designing Dialog Boxes with DCL
   Dabbling in VBA

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Customizing BricsCAD V20
Customizing BricsCAD V20
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Customizing BricsCAD V20

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