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BricsCAD Cost Comparison

We've created and Excel Spreadsheet allowing you to compare the cost of ownership of BricsCAD over time and against other CAD applications. The spreadsheet is setup to allow you to input your own values, and adjust as you see fit.

The spreadsheet has the following features:

  • Comparison of BricsCAD pricing for all levels and license types against OtherCAD products.
  • Camparison can be made over 1 - 10 years for as many users as you like.
  • You can also compare various BricsCAD options against each other.
  • CAD Pricing sheet that allows you to input your own values and CAD products
  • Bar charts of annual expenditure and total cost of ownership.
  • Analysis sheet allowing you to explore potential savings and how you might better utilise your CAD budget.
  • Network requirement sheet. This planning sheet allows you to estimate your network license seats based on the usage requirements of your staff.

NOTE. Pricing is provided for estimation purposes only. For confirmed pricing, please contact us for a quote.

Resource Downloads

BricsCAD V22 - Cost Comparison NZD
BricsCAD V22 - Cost Comparison NZD
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BricsCAD V22 - Cost Comparison NZD

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