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March 22, 2022

Connecting Basemaps to Spatial Manager

In August 2021 Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) released Basemaps.

Basemaps was designed as a central location where you can access aerial imagery across all of New Zealand.

By using Spatial Manager, you can connect easily to Basemaps from your CAD application, allowing you to display background aerial images in CAD dynamically.

How to add Basemaps aerial maps to Spatial Manager

  1. Pick Options from the Spatial Manager Ribbon

  1. Select Configure Background Maps

  1. Pick the New button

  1. From the Basemaps website copy the URL for WMTS:NZTM2000Quad

  1. In Spatial Manager, select WMS as the type, paste in the copied URL, then pick the Save button

  1. You should now find it available when showing background maps
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