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May 7, 2024

Webinar: Migrating to BricsCAD: Easily Port Your LISP Scripts

Migrating to a different CAD software is not just about opening old drawing files in a new platform. Long-time CAD assets such as LISP routines play an important role to a company’s daily work productivity and often want to keep these intact for migration. 

In this webinar "Migrating to BricsCAD:Easily Port Your LISP Scripts" we will explore easy LISP migration in BricsCAD. We will also take a peek into BLADE, BricsCAD’s built-in LISP editor for a convenient transition.  

We will hear from BricsCAD customer, Design Solutions Inc., on their experience, the challenges they faced with their previous CAD software, the crucial role of their LISP scripts to the work they do, and why they chose to shift to BricsCAD after evaluating various options – bringing with them 120+ LISP routines. 

About Design Solutions Design Solutions Inc. is a Project Management and Project Consultancy Services company in India, combines over 30 years of experience in the engineering field. They specialize in Structural Engineering, GIS, and Environmental Engineering, including the Design of Water, Sewage & Treatment Plants. They also provide services in Electrical Control & Instrumentation, and Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Munish Bansal, Managing Consultant, will share how easy it was to port over their long time company LISP routines to BricsCAD.

Looking for support migrating to BricsCAD?

We can assist you to get your users up and running with BricsCAD setup to your requirements quickly and efficiently. See our options for CAD setup for more information, or get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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