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January 31, 2024

Bricsys Webinar for local government: 7th February 2024 - Reconstruction of Pathways (footpaths, sidewalks, walkways)

Join this free webinar on "BricsCAD for Local Government - Footpath Reconstruction" to learn how BricsCAD can help local governments with the reconstruction of footpaths. This webinar is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

Documenting Civil Engineering jobs can range from basic overlays on aerial photos to full construction drawings. Often, non-CAD specialists need to create drawings to illustrate an as-constructed scenario or create a basic but professional overview of an area

In this webinar "BricsCAD for Local Government – Footpath Reconstruction: a simplified scenario where relevant areas of a footpath on an aerial photo are highlighted, with notes and leaders added for construction details. This will be done by using standard tools and then show how a customized Tool Palette can provide a workflow experience for occasional users.

This will be extended to a more complete documentation job of a cycle path on an existing road.

This webinar will benefit all local government (drainage, roads, bioretention, traffic, etc.)

7 February 2024

6 PM New Zealand

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