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July 23, 2021

Spatial Manager Version 7 Release

Spatial Manager version 7 Release

The new release has several new functions and improvements helping you to be more productive on any project, analysis or when you are working on territorial or geographic information.  Below gives you an overview of what you can do with the new Street View palette, the advanced tools for GIS and object selection and several other features to help you work smarter not harder.

What you can expect from the new features.

Street View

New AutoCAD/BricsCAD/ZWCAD/GstarCAD palette for displaying and navigating dynamic Google Street View images on any drawing/map.

GIS analysis tools

Advanced geometric and data operations you can use for creating new objects from analysis processes.

Buffer: Buffered polygons around point objects, linear objects or polygon boundaries

Overlay: New objects based on geometric and data operations between existing object groups (Intersect, Union, Erase, Identity, Clip, Paste or Symmetric Difference)

Dissolve: New polygons based on the grouping of other adjacent polygons with some common data.

Centroids: Polygon Centroids creation by adopting the polygons data

Areas of Influence: Polygons defined by the set of points closest to each point of a selection of points in the drawing. (Voronoi diagrams)

Spatial query Selection

Advanced object selection system based on geometric and data operations between existing object groups. (Intersect, Touches, Within, Contains, Disjoint, Overlaps or Crosses).

Object Labelling

Texts based on objects data.

Other features and improvements

·       User-selected location and name for image files resulting from Background Map captures

·       Transparent dynamic Background Map regeneration on view changes (Zooms, Pan, etc.) even when another command is running.

·       You have the option to label linear objects at a single point and not only by means of repeated labels along the length of the object

·       GPX(GPS) data provider now also supports writing

·       New provider for reading Esri ASCII Grid files

·       Data related selection options (by Table and by Query) in the commands that allow selecting objects (Export, Publication to Google Earth, etc.)

·       Simultaneous removal of several Fields in Data Table definitions

·       Optional selection of the required Grid files for a Coordinate Transformation using Grids.

·       Updated main Esri projected coordinate systems (ArcGIS 12.8) and EPSG tables (version10.026)

·       Are vamped interface layout and icons design

How do I buy a BricsCAD 21 license so I can run Spatial Manager Version 7?

Jason can answer questions you may have, help you to figure out what license suits your requirements and send you a no obligation quote.

Get in touch here.

How do I go about upgrading to BricsCAD 21?

If you are currently running on an older version and would like to have access to use the new features and improvements of Spatial Manager 7 you can contact Jason at CAD Concepts for a chat and no obligation quote.

Get in touch here.

Watch the Spatial Manager v7 here.

Note: Some features can only be found in the Standard or Professional editions. Some of them only apply to CAD versions and may not be available in older BricsCAD versions.

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