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February 16, 2022

Return to the Drawing Explorer

Since the release of BricsCAD V20 the LAYER, PDF,IMAGE, and XREF, commands now bring up modeless dockable panel dialogs in lieu of the Drawing Explorer.


If you want to find out more about using panels, see our post working with panels.


To use the original Drawing Explorer method, you must now use the EXPLAYERS, EXPPDF, EXPIMAGE and EXPXREFS commands instead, or press CTRL + 2 on the keyboard to launch the drawing explorer to the last panel used. 


Now the move to using modeless panels for most users is going to be great. You can keep the tools that you need to use frequently open and close to hand. However, for users of BricsCAD on Laptops or single screen panels can be a pain. They just take up too much screen space to keep them open all the time. In this situation using the Drawing Explorer is a lot easier. But how do you switch this back to being the default? Well, read on for a solution. 


The Drawing Explorer Toolbars

To allow users to revert to using the Drawing Explorer as the default option, we've created partial cui that will do just that. Loading this partial cui will provide you with two toolbars. At the same time, it redefines the LAYER, PDF, IMAGE, and XREF commands so that they default to Drawing Explorer. 


Layers Toolbar 

The layers toolbar is an alternative to BricsCAD's standard toolbar, providing access to all the common layer requirements. It provides access to layers via the Drawing Explorer as well as allowing you to toggle the new layers panel on/off 


Explorer Toolbar 

The explorer toolbar provides buttons to navigate to all the common sections within the Drawing Explorer 


To use: 

·       Download the zipped partial cui from the link below. 

·       Extract the contents to a folder on your local machine. Make sure that you keep all the files extracted together in the same folder. 

·       In BricsCAD run the MENULOAD command, select the downloaded cui file, then pick the Load button. 

DO NOT use the MENU command to do this!

Download DrawingExplorer


If you want to revert to BricsCAD's standard behaviour, then simply return to MENULOAD,, select Drawing Explorer from the list and pick the Unload button. On your next BricsCAD restart you will find it has returned to its standard behaviour. 

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