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July 13, 2021

Release of CGS Labs, Civil Solutions 2022

What does that mean for you as a user?

Autopath - Vehicle turning analysis

The new vehicle Turning templates tool means you can create a standard turning vehicle template for any of the vehicles in the library.  This also includes vehicles with trailers and custom designed vehicles.

The Tracking point function lets you track any selected points anywhere on or next to the vehicle.

Autosign Traffic signs and road markings design

Autosign now supports working with parking lot groups and group reports etc to speed up the parking lot design process.

Multiple new libraries of country-specific traffic signs and road markings have been updated or added to the libraries.

New functionality for Autopath 2022

  • Draw vehicle Turning templates
  • Tracking points functionality added

With the Turning templates tool, you can create a standard vehicle template for any of the vehicles in the Autopath library. It includes vehicles with trailers and those that have been custom designed.

The interactive positioning, side and rotation capabilities allow for business process optimisation and reduce time waste when producing required swept path data.

The Tracking point function allows you to analyse single or multiple points on the vehicle side, top, or under-vehicle areas.  It automatically tracks any selected point along the vehicle, over its entire path, while updating dynamically and allowing unlimited usage and vehicle perimeter analysis possibilities.

Autopath enhancements:
  • Remember the last vehicle used in UI selection
  • Total length data added to vehicle profile report
  • The vehicle library list is organised into groups

Autopath has several productivity enhancements to manage interaction and deliver additional required data with ease.  Vehicle libraries are now organised in groups for better transparency.  Autopath now remembers the last vehicle used to create the analysis.

To double-check the maximal vehicle total length permitted on the dedicated path, the new release has the total vehicle length data, added to the vehicle profile report. This value is essential when creating custom vehicles with trailers or edit existing vehicle parameters of which full length is already close to or exceeds the maximal permitted vehicle length.

New vehicle libraries

The extensive list of national libraries and libraries of manufacturers and special vehicles is updated constantly with new vehicle libraries.

Autosign 2022 Enhancements

Available in Autosign professional and Autosign Ultimate

  • Parking Lot grouping
  • Drape to surfaces with surface selector

The Parking Lot grouping capability allows you to add selected parking lots to a group. This option also allows you to have parking lot group properties listed in reports.  Additional UI enhancements have been made to give you a faster and more intuitive parking lot design process.

Drape to surfaces with surface selector has now been added to 3D Signs and Markings design options.  When selected the surface is highlighted in the drawing and gives you accurate feedback when working with several surfaces.

New traffic signs and road marking libraries

New localised country-specific traffic signs and road markings have been added to the libraries and are available to download

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