August 20, 2021

Free webinar on Using Swept Paths in the Road Design Process

You are invited to a free webinar on Using swept paths in the road design process.

The online event is being held on Thursday 2 September 2021, 1.00pm

This free webinar run by Bricsys, CGS Labs and CAD Concepts will teach you how to use Autopath, a reliable software tool for road and vehicle swept path analysis.

We will talk about how you can efficiently use Autopath when you are planning roads, intersections, roundabouts, construction site access, roadblocks or other traffic- related systems. How you can check if vehicles, particularly of marginal dimensions will drive freely through the planned carriageway and adjust the design as needed.

The engineer will also need to prepare documentation to detail the design process they have followed to reach the proposed plan. To complete these tasks successfully, using a reliable software tool for road and vehicle swept path checking is indispensable.

Finally, you will see how Autopath is easy to use, quick to learn and it allows the user to create customized vehicles for planning specific transports or loads.

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Our speakers

Sean Twomey, Senior Solutions Consultant, Bricsys

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Jason Bourhill Managing Dirctor, CAD Concepts (NZ) Ltd

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