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May 20, 2021

Covid-19 Business Continuity

The Covid-19 outbreak has meant that many of us are now working from home, Because of this it is timely to update clients on the options available to continue to use the software packages we support.


The table below summarises the usage options available for BricsCAD license holders. This applies to ALL permanent license holders of BricsCAD, including ALL older versions. In addition it also applies to ALL holders of a current rental license.

For clients that have a current maintenance agreement with Bricsys that find the options below don't meet with the new requirements, please get in touch with us and we will work on finding you a solution.

License Type

Work Use

Home Use


Activate License

Activate License*


De-activate on home machine.

Activate on work machine.

De-activate on Work machine.

Activate on Home machine.


Run BricsCAD

Run BricsCAD, book seat out.

Remote Desktop Session, run BricsCAD.

VPN, then run BricsCAD.

VPN, run BricsCAD and book seat out.

Remote Desktop Session, run BricsCAD.

* By default Stand-alone licenses can be activated in two places, provided usage isn't concurrent.

** With network licenses your options and method of access are dependant on your system configuration. You should talk with your companies IT support for details on the specific options available to you.

In addition to the above, it is possible to download an use a trial version of BricsCAD for 30 days. The BricsCAD trial (runs as BricsCAD Ultimate) is fully functional without any restrictions. If necessary we can look into providing an extension on this trial period. Just get in touch to arrange.


For Autopath users with a current maintenance plan, we can provide you with a Home Use License (HUL). Simply get in touch with us to arrange.

For Autopath users without a maintenance plan, CGS labs are offering a 30% discount on upgrades with maintenance, which would provide you with the option of a HUL. This offer is running through to April 8th, 2020.

Civil Site Design

For Civil Site Design, Stringer Topo, and CSD Siteworks from Civil Survey Solutions, you have the option of accessing a Home Use License (HUL). To request a HUL, log into the Civil Survey Solutions subscription.


For All CADprofi & CPsymbol products, thelicense is assigned to user/company and not to a specific computer. Therefore, if you need to work remotely, you can quickly transfer your license to a laptop or a home computer. A detailed description of how to transfer licenses to another computer is described here.

In addition, users with active subscription for CADprofi program, apart from being able to download free updates, also have the option of installing and activating CADprofi on two computers. Thanks to this, they can work in a comfortable way, e.g. on an office and home computer, without the need to always transfer licenses.

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