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June 8, 2022

BricsCAD V22 - TIN Analysis

BricsCAD V22 has brought improved functionality to TIN surfaces, adding the capability of undertaking simple visual analysis of the surfaces features. To access, simply select the TIN surface and then head over to the Property Panel.

From the property panel you will find two new options in BricsCAD V22 for TIN analysis.

Elevation Analysis

Elevation analysis allows you to colour shade the surface based on its elevation. There are several colour schemes you can select from, with colouring assigned relative to a datum.


If you select Range interval with datum, then you will have the option of assigning your own datum value, which is very useful to find points on your surface that are above or below a certain level.

Image: Elevation Analysis of a Tin using a colour spectrum


Slope Analysis

The second analysis option is slope analysis. In this case you use a colour scheme to visualise the slope of the TIN surface based on a number range.

Image: Slope Analysis using a colour spectrum

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