Bricscad V12 System Variables

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Ralph Grabowski recently commented on the new system variables that arrived with the release of Bricscad V12 for Linux. It's not just the Linux version getting this treatment. If you run the SETVAR command on the Windows version, and list all the variables, you will see some additions towards the end appearing as a second alphabetised list.

SETVAR in Bricscad V12

Some are Linux only variables, but many more are applicable to both versions. And there are more Bricscad only variables in amongst the first alphabetised listing. Whether this is intended or not, it does provide a simple, consistent way for users to access and customise their environment. For example to change your template settings in Bricscad you can use BASEFILE to change your default template, and TEMPLATEPATH to change your templates folder.


In AutoCAD, for this particular case (as far as I'm aware) more exotic means are necessary, as these settings aren't exposed as System Variables. From the AutoCAD Command Line you would need employ some Visual Lisp to acheive the same thing .

; Make sure the visual lisp extensions are available
; Application object -> preference Object -> Files Object
(setq oFiles (vla-get-Files (vla-get-Preferences (vlax-get-Acad-Object))))
; Set my new default Template
(vla-put-QNewTemplateFile ofiles "C:\\MyCadLibrary\\Templates\\MyTemplate.dwt")
; Set my template path
(vla-put-TemplateDwgPath ofiles "C:\\MyCadLibrary\\Templates\\")

So for the sake of ease of use here's hoping that Bricsys continue to provide access to settings in this way. For reference I've prepared a summary of Bricscad System Variables, also available in CSV format.

Bricscad V12 System Variable Summary

You can use the SETTINGS command to search for further information on the Variables listed.