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June 4, 2024

20 % OFF BricsCAD Lite Single

Working in the Design, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries requires a cost-effective, high-performing solution for your 2D workflows. The answer?BricsCAD® Lite.


Get powerful 2D drafting with superior DWG compatibility, simplify your design work flows, and boost your productivity. Unlock your design potential while saving money


  • Get 20% OFF new single BricsCAD® Lite licenses
  • Accelerate your 2D workflows.
  • Reduce your costs.

Ready to accelerate your 2D workflow and reduce your costs?

Say goodbye to AEC industry cost challenges with BricsCAD® Lite — your best CAD 2Dsolution.


20% OFF until the 28th of June on the total price of new BricsCAD Lite Single Perpetual(incl Maintenance) and Subscription licenses.

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