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May 20, 2021

BricsCAD BIM Academy - Part 1

Got some time on your hands during the current Covid-19 lockdown? Why not use the time to get some familiarity with some of BricsCAD's unique features. Bricsys have recently released a series of training videos related to BricsCAD BIM. Here are first four videos in the series. In addition the related resources will enable you to work through all the training steps for yourself.

The full play list is available here: BricsCAD BIM Academy Playlist

1. Introduction, Interface, Viewing & Navigation Here

2. Basic Modeling Here

3. Components Here

4. Adding BIM Data Here


Download a free BricsCAD 30-day Trial: Download BricsCAD

Download the training manual:

Download the complete training file set:

Full video play list: BricsCAD BIM Academy Playlist

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